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You’re safety Hangs in the Balance

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Life is all about balance. The balance between working hard and playing hard, between loving and knowing when to let go, between settling down and taking off, between eating an apple and eating a cookie.

But the type of balance that we’re going to discuss today is the kind that affects your ability to remain in an upright and erect stature, even when the circumstances are encouraging you to stumble.

It is important that we establish the value of training and maintaining good balance throughout the entirety of the course of your life. Infants gain balance for the first time when they progress through the stages of mobility that eventually lead them to walking and running on their own 2 feet.

Growing children adapt to life‘s expectations and gain balance that allows them to begin to understand the agility and motor skills required to play sports and conquer the playground obstacle courses.

If they are lucky enough to proceed into young adulthood and continue pursuing athletic goals, these early developed balancing skills continue to benefit them in multiple capacities, but at some point during adulthood, it is not uncommon for people to discontinue challenging their balance, at which point the concept of “if you don’t use it, you lose it” comes in to play.

More often than not, adults who no longer challenge their agility, coordination and balance abilities begin to gradually lose those skills overtime, leaving them in their later adult years with poor balance and at very high risk for falls and the injuries that can be acquired through not being able to recover from a simple clumsy stumble.

So what should you do? You should start today! Start today by challenging yourself to see where your current capabilities are, and then find the next most difficult thing and put it into practice. Set yourself a schedule for a couple times a week where are you set aside a brief amount of time to work on your balance so that moving forward, whether that’s into your 30s, or into your 80s, you will still have the valuable safety tool of good balance on your side

Click the link below to watch a short video on the simple progressions through how to test and determine your level of balance, and how to challenge yourself to move up to the next level!

If you’re interested in having a doctor of physical therapy evaluate balance and make recommendations for individualized training, or if you’re dealing with pain and are interested in a full diagnostic evaluation to begin to address your pain from the root cause of the problem today or if you have questions, please DM or Contact us!

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