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Motion is Lotion

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

“Motion is lotion”

I learned this phrase day one in physical therapy school and it rings even truer in my mind today than it did then. When it boils down to it, our bodies were made to move. And depriving them of such a simple thing not only does them the disservice of not allowing them to fulfill their purpose, but also causes them to function in a way that is less than optimal and often even dysfunctional.

Often times, we see fitness professionals, ambassadors, and influencers, spend a great deal of time teaching you the importance of strength, especially in a functional capacity. And they truly have hit the nail on the head when they say that, often times, people experience pain due to weakness. And that people often feel or perceive tightness that they insist on “needing to stretch” over and over and over again.

However, sometimes there is great value in movement just for the sake of movement, or movement without resistance that allows us to push our body through its fullest and most comprehensive ranges of motion.

There is value in this movement for many reasons, some of which include: movement of the stale or static fluid around around the joints, and replacement of that fluid with newer fresher substances, mobilizing the local capsules, ligaments, and tendons around the joints to avoid buildup of adhesions and other less desirable tissue buildup, and often times simply the pure joy of remembering that you have the ability, the energy, and the capability to move and enjoy moving.

A few areas of the body that we often do not move enough, or move as completely as we should, are the region of the low back, and both hips. Having a stiff and under-mobilized Low back and hip complex can cause discomfort in most areas of daily life, including standing, walking, sitting, and even sleeping.

Taking the time to pay a little bit of attention to these areas and move and mobilize them adequately can be easily added to your daily routine and can provide a great deal of satisfaction and relief to your body. Click the link below to watch a short five minute flow of hip and low back mobility positions to enjoy and embrace on a regular basis for a more supple and mobilized back and hips!

If you’re interested in having a doctor of physical therapy evaluate your hip and low back mobility and make recommendations for mobility training, or if you’re dealing with pain and are interested in a full diagnostic evaluation to begin to address your pain from the root cause of the problem today or if you have questions, please DM or Contact us!

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